ComCo Systems is leading the industry with the development of the 523 downsend drive-thru system. The system has been developed as a major part of the innovative and flexible 500 Series. It can be installed as a part of the pneumatic tube system to deliver a 4 1/2” carrier to any of five other operator units.

  • The 523 design introduces a new system of “downsend” equipment that can be retrofitted to work with ALL leading 4 1/2” downsend systems.
  • Small footprint – 10.5” wide x 9.375” deep
  • Upper and lower vandal resistant pushbuttons for a weatherproof environment and customer convenience for large and small vehicles
  • Quieted operation due to operator and drive-thru areas having reduced noise
  • Available in 4 ½”
  • Optional, flat panel customer video module with 10.4” LCD-LED backlit monitor to set directly on top of unit
  • Outside unit is powder coated. 


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Installation / Operation Manuals