522A and 522AX

522A and 522AX provides fast doorless terminal design


As a result of an effort to further improve our total integrated system of products, the  522A and 522AX upsend drive-thru system has been developed to deliver a carrier to our “doorless” terminal designs. With this product we can provide complete operations center integration compatible with all other ComCo upsend 4 1/2” systems.

This new and innovative design also permits blower location to be installed in the customer unit or a remote location. The system offers quiet operation and should maintenance ever be required, most service can be provided without staff inconvenience.

  • Allows integration with other ComCo drive-thru and back room operation center systems with faster transaction time.
  • Tip-Tube design for easy customer access to carrier.
  • Quiet operation due to operator and drive-thru areas having reduced noise. Higher reliability components with proven product performance.
  • Upper and lower vandal resistant pushbuttons for a weatherproof environment and customer convenience for large and small vehicles.
  • Available in 4” or 4 1/2” tube sizes.
  • Optional flat panel customer video module with 10.4" LCD-LED backlit monitor. 
  • Outside unit is standard powder coated


Downloads are available by visiting www.comcosystems.com