Cellular Back Up

Reliable protection of cellular.


The Telguard TG-SCI Plus with SafetyNet offers the best of both worlds for today’s security customers. It combines the economics of broadband with the always-on, reliable protection of cellular. Wi-Fi, an opportunistic path for alarm communications, can occasionally become unavailable. SafetyNet, the industry’s first hot standby cellular pathway that is fully pay-on-demand, ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted to the central station.

  • The industry's first universal communicator combining broadband with pay-on-demand cellular.
  • The TG-SCI Plus SafetyNet feature allows cellular to immediately back up Wi-Fi when the broadband pathway becomes unavailable.
  • SafetyNet reduces monthly cellular costs to less than $1 per month.
  • The TG-SCI Plus offers the choice of Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi primary (SafetyNet), or cellular only.
  • Supports virtually all alarm formats using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.
  • Easily add new recurring revenue to existing Telguard installations.
  • Works with new or existing HomeControl Flex installations.

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