Having a defined set of values serves as an ongoing reminder of the direction we want to pursue as a company, how we treat one another and how we should value our people and customers. It’s a mantra we use to guide our course for everything we do now and into the future.

To manufacture and support innovative pneumatic solutions for world-wide markets.
“Having been a part of the legacy of Comco Systems, the growth and evolution of Comco is exciting. Through Covid, pneumatic tube demand grew and we were equipped to deliver reliable products and support. Customers are using the pneumatic tube delivery in uncharted areas and it’s exciting to design solutions to help them achieve their goals.”
Melissa Carder | CEO
Using our 50 year legacy of pneumatic innovation, along with our agility as a smaller company, we strive to be a responsive and trusted leader in product solutions, delivering clients a higher level of support, service and reliability, while creating a positive and innovative environment for our associates.
“Our Value statements are a cooperative benchmark created by both Associates and Management, not simply a top down mandate. Having determined a goal, we all are able work toward it daily – achieving a result that’s greater than it’s individual parts.”
Patrick Johnson | President
To become an industry leader, we strive to provide a consistent level of behavior and performance, guided by a set of values that are integrated throughout our people, our communications and our day-to-day actions.
What this Value Looks Like
Always do the right thing. Always be honest. Always follow through on commitments.

Strive to generate trust by being responsible to associates and customers.
“Even though it’s not my primary function, I spend a lot of time on tech support calls simply to get a problem solved. Bottomline, I want to make a good impression for Comco.
- Nick Jones – Electrical Engineer
What this Value Looks Like
Innovate throughout all areas. Raising the bar for ourselves. Being an industry leader, designing better solutions

Be willing to listen to outside ideas. Be flexible and responsive. “Innovative” everything.
“Company excitement and enthusiam is evident not only in our rich history, but our promising and innovative future... something I love to share with customers”
- Paul Walter - Account Executive
What this Value Looks Like
Go above and beyond what is expected. Stay hungry, humble and smart.

Be a servant leader by listening to concerns, taking care of customers, associates and others.
“I enjoy working for a company that truly has all the values I believe in. I also believe ComCo can come out stronger and grow.”
- Cynthia Aceves - Account Executive
What this Value Looks Like
You are an ambassador for Comco. Stand behind what you say and do.

Take earnest interest in meeting expectations. Wear a positive outlook because you genuinely believe in your company and it’s values.
“Our new equipment is great, but what really excites me is to see our older equipment, in the real world, still working solid through day-to-day real world situations. That kind of reliability makes me proud of the company I work for.”
- Caryssa Heath - Implementation & Direct Account Sales